I offer the following services:

  • Home installations
  • Computer set up
  • Broadband internet set up
  • Wireless network set up which includes shared wireless printers and devices such as ipads and smartphones 

  • Security checks
  • Virus/spyware/rootkit/ransomware removal - these types of malware can dramatically slow down your system
  • Security settings checks to prevent intruders from accessing your personal information

  • Regular 'MOT' full service checks

This full service check includes the following:

  • Malicious software removals
  • Virus/spyware/rootkit/ransomware removals
  • Security checks
  • Speed optimisation
  • System updates
  • Hardware cleaning (helps to prevent overheating)

  • System data backups

Get your important files backed up and stored on a seperate device (I can provide backup media for a small fee which depends on the ammount of data required to be backed up) just incase of a hardware failure which results in data loss.

  • Data transfer to new systems

If you have just got a new computer and want all your data,pictures, programs and videos transferred over to the new computer I can make an exact clone of your previous system or just certain files you want transferred.

  • Data recovery
  • Accidental deleted data recovery
  • Damaged hard drive data recovery

Please note: Sometimes not all data can be 100% recovered, especially on very badly damaged hard drives where the data may become corrupted. If data accidentally gets deleted the sooner you get it recovered the better chance of a successful recovery.

  • System/boot Recovery

If your system crashes and fails to load e.g. not booting to windows properly a system recovery can be performed.

  • Upgrades of existing computer

Cost effective way of improving performance or adding new components on your exisiting computer system like upgraded sound cards for more improved audio output/inputs for surround sound or mixers or new dedicated graphics cards. Just let me know your requirements.

  • Hardware replacement

I will replace any hardware that has suddenly stopped working on you as quickly as possible so your PC will be up and running again in no time.

  • Secure data erase

If your planning on selling your computer and you want it restored to factory settings I can securely permanently erase all of your personal data so it is non recoverable on the system.

  • Laptop repair
  • Keyboard replacement
  • Screen replacement
  • Battery issues

  • Password recovery
  • Windows logon
  • BIOS passwords

Please check the prices page for charges.


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