I cover the following different areas of tuition

All areas are tailored to suit what goals you want to get out of the lessons:

Computer Settings:

  • Setting up accessibility settings to make it easier to see, hear and use your computer
  • Brightnes controls
  • Sound volume controls

Computer Basics:

  • Getting to know the different parts of the computer and what each part does and where to connect them
  • Powering on the computer
  • Using the keyboard and mouse to operate the computer
  • Running through what is on the screen, different options and introduction to some of the main terminology and symbols used


  • Which internet service provider to go for
  • How to browse the internet using a web browser
  • How to look up information using a search engine
  • Saving webpages you like
  • How to stay safe online and show you how to spot signs of unsecure websites
  • Shopping and registering for accounts on websites

Connecting with friends & family:

  • Using social media to connect with friends and family over the internet
  • Creating a facebook account and how to use it.
  • Using the Skype program to make free video calls over the internet to other Skype users.

Computer Security:

  • How to use Anti-virus and Anti-Spyware software to prevent infection of your PC
  • Explain what a firewall does and to make sure that it is turned on
  • How to back up important files to online storage or to a separate storage device to prevent loss if anything happens to the PC

  • Practical One to One Tuition
  • Tailored buying advice
  • I can come to you
  • Flexible times to suit you
  • No technical jargon

Using the Computer:

  • The 'desktop' and 'taskbar'
  • How to open programs which allow you to carry out different types of tasks
  • Word processing - typing up documents
  • Saving documents and filing them away into a folder to keep things organised and deleting unwanted files
  • Printing
  • Installing/uninstalling programs
  • Searching for files if you can't find them

Microsoft Office:

  • Word - Creating word documents
  • Outlook - using email with Outlook and managing contacts & creating calendar events
  • Excel - creating spreadsheets and graphs from data
  • One Note - Note taking program


  • Setting up an E-mail address
  • How to send, receive, forward and reply to messages
  • Creating an address book
  • Sending files, photos or any other documents you have on your computer
  • Creating folders to organise your E-mails
  • E-mail security

Using other devices & general everyday use:

  • Using printers and its different settings
  • Photocopy documents with a photocopier
  • Scanning documents to the computer with a scanner
  • Storing music CD's onto the computer and transferring them to a portable MP3 player
  • Downloading music, videos, audiobooks etc
  • Using a digital camera and transferring images on to the PC
  • How to edit photos

Tablets & Mobile Devices:

  • How to set up and use tablets like iPads
  • How to transfer data between devices
  • How to download apps on mobile devices
  • Opening Microsoft Office documents
  • Connecting to the internet
  • Setting up a network between your devices to easily share data

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